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Summer of ’95 – 1 – Aug. 18 The Beginning and The Ending

It was the morning of August 18th, 1995 waking up calm and pleasant as could be. My young G, BM, shaking his head saying “You sleeping hard as shit, I see why you never sleep in the spot. I couldn’t wake you up for nothing…” I was puzzled cause I didn’t realize I slept so hard. We’re coming from one of the craziest 12 month stretches I would ever experience, who would’ve known I would be here, Columbus, Ohio. Laying on the floor, wearing sweat…

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TV screen

Wactch This!!!

Check it out. A sure classic insightful movie. A series of interviews filmed and edited creatively enough to appreciate, and insightful enough learn from. Think G Media presents… #PERSPECTIVE with Reggae Legend, Nardo Ranks, Hip-Hop Pioneer, Trugoy the Dove of De La Soul, Adidas Marketing Guru, Orville Hall, Multi-Platinum Music Producer, Self Service, Renowned Hip-Hop Tour Manager Michael Jolicoeur & Multi-Talented Actor/Recording Artist Edwin Freeman.

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